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Team Building Activity: Sticks, Stones & Bones

Throughout our blogging journey, one of the ways we’re going to help you keep connected is by sharing with you team building activities you can do with your own group. We’d love to hear how this works with your group and/or see photos of it in action! This team building activity will help participants learn how to effectively communicate in order to work better as a team! 

Sticks, Stones & Bones

Time Needed: 10-15 minutes


For each pair of participants, you need:Sticks, Stones & Bones

  • Two matching popsicle sticks (sticks)
  • Two similar small rocks or dice (stones)
  • Two matching dominos (bones)

Group Size: Any!

Activity Instructions:

  1. Have participants pair up and sit back to back.
  2. Give each pair a set of materials, making sure that each person in the pair gets one popsicle stick, one small rock or die and one domino.
  3. Have each pair decide who will be the leader for the first round. The leader starts by arranging the three items in a pattern on the ground in front of him/herself, and then describes the arrangement to his/her partner. The partner is not allowed to speak or look around while the other person is arranging and/or describing.
  4. The partner should replicate the arrangement based on their partner’s description.
  5. When completed, have partners look at each other’s patterns.
  6. Then, switch roles and begin again. Allow two minutes for each round.
  7. Process using the below questions or ones that you’ve come up with on your own.

Debrief Questions:

  1. What happened during this activity?
  2. Did the patterns turn out the same? Why or why not?
  3. How did leaders feel when they saw their partners’ patterns?
  4. How or when did problems arise?
  5. Did you and/or your partner figure out ways to communicate non-verbally?  If so, how?
  6. How does this relate to working with others in the real world?

2014 Georgia Teen Institute Staff Applications Available Now


The Georgia Teen Institute Staff are the number one reason that participants return year after year, and the biggest reason GTI is so successful!  Come make it matter and become a part of the 2014 GTI Staff!

Deadline for all applications: January 6, 2014 (but we LOVE early applications)!

For more details about the program, click here and to download your application go to the GUIDE, Inc. website today!

Georgia Gives Day 2013 was a Huge Success!

On November 13, the GUIDE, Inc. and Georgia Teen Institute Facebook and Twitter pages were blanketed in posts encouraging supporters to participate in the state’s largest fundraising effort, Georgia Gives Day.

“Click if you care” messages and asks for donations on our GA Gives Day website had been circulating for weeks.  Volunteers, staff members and community supporters created personal Friendraiser pages to help GUIDE and Georgia Teen Institute get the word out about our wonderful programs that need continued support into the 2014 year.

The effort did not go unrecognized, and in less than 24 hours, we were able to raise $12,555!  Overall, GA Gives Day was able to raise a whopping $1,478,849 (and still climbing) for nonprofits across the state of Georgia, breaking several records from the inaugural year.

Words cannot express the gratitude and amazement experienced on November 13.  Thank you just doesn’t seem sufficient, but we are truly empowered, encouraged and forever grateful to everyone that made GA Gives Day so successful.  Donations raised through GA Gives Day will be used to support Georgia Teen Institute, the GUIDE Youth Advisory Board, GUIDE’s prevention efforts and more! Don’t forget – the giving can continue!  You can still visit our GA Gives Day website today and make a donation!

Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome to GUIDE, Inc. and Georgia Teen Institute’s newest addition, our blog! Here you will find tools and resources dealing with all things team building, upcoming training opportunities, Youth Action Team and other “Spotlights,” information on fundraising, scholarships and grants, and so much more!

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