Marijuana & Rx Drug Abuse: Myths and Issues

As you may know, in honor of Red Ribbon Week, GUIDE is leading Walk the Talks at different parks around Gwinnett County this month!

We are having our second Walk the Talk today where we discuss the myths and issues around marijuana use and prescription drug misuse and abuse.

TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE to see what you know about marijuana and prescription drugs.

  1. Marijuana is not harmful.

True or False?

  1. Marijuana is addictive.

True or False?

  1. Marijuana must be smoked or eaten to receive medical benefits.

True or False?

  1. One in five kids who reports having misused or abused a prescription drug has done so before the age of 16.

True or False?

  1. Every 19 minutes, someone dies from overdose deaths in the United States.

True or False?



  1. False- Marijuana is more harmful than you think!

According to SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana):

  • There has been an increase in ER visits because of marijuana use.
  • “Marijuana use directly affects the brain, specifically the parts responsible for memory, learning, attention, and reaction time. These effects can last up to 28 days.”
  • Studies show marijuana is related to dropping out of schools and subsequent unemployment.
  • A study in 2012 found that, among the adolescents who used marijuana persistently and heavily, their IQ dropped by as much as eight points.
  • Marijuana use doubles the risk of car accidents.

Graphic 1

If you take a look at this infographic from National Families in Action, it illustrates data about the problems Colorado had with marijuana even before it was legally sold. School expulsions, ER visits, and pot-related charges all increased.

Their data also shows that marijuana use has doubled and belief in harm has plummeted since the drive to legalize marijuana as medicine began.


  1. True- Marijuana is addictive.
    • 1 in 10 people who try marijuana will become addicted and experience withdrawal and cravings from the dependence.
    • The chances for addiction are 1 in 6 if marijuana use starts in adolescence.
  1. False- Marijuana does not have to be smoked or eaten in order for someone to receive any medical benefits. Many people don’t realize that certain components of the plant can be extracted and delivered safely in a pill form without the dangerous effects of THC.

Even scientific and medical communities say that smoked marijuana is not medicine.

In many places with medical marijuana dispensaries, there are edibles, various edible food products infused with marijuana, which have created problems and can have dangerous effects.

Graphic 2






  1. False- According to the Medicine Abuse Project, “one in five kids who reports having misused or abused a prescription drug has done so before the age of 14.”

Graphic 3Prescription (Rx) drug abuse is another issue affecting our young people, and its abuse is increasing nationally. Some even call it an epidemic, which is shown in the infographic from



  1. True- “One person dies every 19 minutes from overdose deaths in the United States.” 

Abusing Rx drugs is dangerous and can be fatal from overdose, mixing different medications together, and/or mixing prescription drugs with alcohol.

The Think About It campaign tells us that family and friends are the biggest suppliers of abuse prescription drugs.


So…what can we do?

We can help fight this epidemic of prescription drug misuse and abuse.

Learn more about the different ways you can help prevent prescription drug abuse by safely storing and disposing of your medications.

Graphic 4

For more resources and information, see the GA Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Initiative.


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  1. Great blog post! Very informative and timely.

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