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Thanks for joining us on the GUIDE, Inc. and GTI blog! We created this blog to provide information regarding substance abuse prevention, leadership, training, fundraising, health and wellness topics, and so much more to our friends, supporters, and anyone else interested. We’ll provide a healthy mix of resources; highlights of GUIDE programs, partners, and affiliates; information about latest trends; and other related topics.

The primary bloggers of “Keeping Connected” are the program staff at GUIDE, Inc. You’ll see other contributors from time to time – our Youth Advisory Board members, GUIDE’s Executive Director, program participants, and others – who offer diverse perspectives and information about a variety of topics.

Our blog is here for you, our readers, so please engage with us! We urge you to participate in the conversation through comments and welcome your ideas for topics you’d be interested in seeing or guest posts you’d be willing to write. We understand that blogs are nothing if readers don’t engage, and we appreciate the comments and feedback we receive from our readers. We promise to respond to comments, feedback, and suggestions in a timely manner and continue to foster conversation among you, our friends, supporters, and readers. As our programs serve a number of youth, we have set our blog up so that all comments must be moderated and approved before they will be seen on the blog. We hope that you understand that this is not to filter out comments that share diverse opinions or disagreeing viewpoints, but is to ensure that the content is appropriate for an all-ages audience. If you’re unsure about if your comments would be appropriate, please read our blog commenting guidelines below before you post.

We’re glad you are reading and hope that you’ll subscribe via RSS or email so that you can “keep connected” with us!

Blog Commenting Guidelines

  • Please ensure that all comments are on topic and relevant to the original posting.
  • Please do not post materials (photos, videos, music, etc) that belong to others, photos or videos of others or professional materials (photos, videos, etc) unless you have permission.
  • Please do not post personal contact information, including links to personal profiles.
  • Comments that contain any profanity, solicitations, or hate speech, are overly and inappropriately religious or political, contain spam or irrelevant or self-promotion links will not be approved.

When you post comments in our blog, you agree to these blogging guidelines. We will not approve any comments that we don’t feel fall in line with our guidelines, or that we feel are not in the best interest of our community.


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