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Get Rid of Germs!

Inspired_Issue_7_GCP&RAs cooler weather moves in and we get closer to cold and flu season, there are a number of ways you can create fewer germ-friendly places in your day. Utilizing these tips can keep you and your family from getting sick this fall.

Check out this issue of Inspired for ideas on eliminating germs in your environment. Click here or on the image to read this issue.


Exercise is Important… For Your Brain!

Click on the image to view larger.Do you have trouble remembering why you walked into a room, how to get to a friend’s house or what you went to the store to pick up? Your brain may just need a little bit of exercise! 

Check out this month’s issue of Inspired for information about how to improve your memory and prevent cognitive decline. Click on the image below or here to read this issue.

Can You Hear… Or See Me Now?

Inspired_Issue_5_GUIDE_WeDon’t take your hearing and eye sight for granted! You could be causing irreparable damage if you aren’t careful. Check out these ways to take care of your eyes and ears by clicking here or on the image. 


Adults Really DO Influence Youth!

Are you making good choices that impact youth in positive ways? Research shows that positive adult role models result in strong benefits for youth. Check out this month’s issue of “Inspired” for some ideas about how you can make a difference with your actions.

Access the issue by clicking here or on the image.

What’s Your Favorite Color?


Did you know that the color of the foods you eat can tell you what benefits those foods have? What does it mean if you eat a lot of red foods? Or yellow foods? Each has different benefits and can help your body in unique ways.

To find out what benefits different colors offer your health, check out this month’s issue of “Inspired” by clicking here or on the image.

The HEART Truth


Are you taking care of your heart? Whether you are a youth or an adult, there are a number of things you can do to ensure that you have a happy, healthy heart now and into the future!

This month’s issue of “Inspired” features simple ideas for having a healthier heart and how to recognize signs of heart failure. Click here or on the image to access the issue and start your path to a happier heart today!

Do you have any tips you’d like to share on how to keep your heart healthy?

Invest in Yourself in 2014

We want YOU to be inspired to make healthy choices in 2014!

Deciding you want to feel better, have less stress and more energy doesn’t have to be painful or difficult. Instead, it should be fun and feel good.

This month’s “Inspired” issue highlights ways to stick to your goals and become motivated to make healthy changes in your life.  Check out the issue here or click the image and let us know…

What healthy choice will you commit to in 2014?