GUIDE, Inc. (Gwinnett United in Drug Education, Inc.) is a non-profit community-based substance abuse prevention agency that has been serving Gwinnett County since 1986. GUIDE originated as a joint effort by the Gwinnett County Board of Education and the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners to assure an on-going, concentrated and comprehensive approach to substance abuse prevention in Gwinnett. Since then, GUIDE’s services have expanded to also include the metropolitan Atlanta region and the entire state of Georgia.

GUIDE’s services, programs and major initiatives have evolved over time, based on current prevention research, local needs and available resources. GUIDE’s major initiatives include:

Substance Abuse Prevention

Gwinnett Mobilizing for Change in Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs is a community organizing initiative focusing primarily on reducing underage alcohol, tobacco and other drug use. This initiative works closely with our Drug Free Communities initiative that includes representatives from law enforcement, public health, business, government, parents, youth and others who plan and implement strategies to reduce underage commercial and social access to alcohol. Our Alcohol Prevention Project (APP) initiative is in line with these two areas of focus as well.

Youth Development & Leadership 

The Youth Leadership and Engagement initiative includes the Georgia Teen Institute, Gwinnett Youth Advisory Board and Youth Action Teams. Georgia Teen Institute is a youth leadership program that provides training and year round follow-up for 30 Youth Action Teams across Georgia through funding from the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD). Other funding specifically supports teams in Gwinnett County and others have funding from various sources that allow them to attend GTI each year.  GTI began in 1989, currently works with approximately 40 teams around the state.

Training and Capacity Building 

Bringing the focus of prevention and youth development together, GUIDE provides a significant amount of professional development training for adults and leadership training to youth.  Through both grant-funded and contract events, GUIDE offers training on topics including youth development, cultural competency, substance abuse prevention, leadership and more.


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